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Budget Statement 2013




According to the Law on the Approval of Financial Indicators of the State Budget and Municipal Budgets of 20 December 2012 adopted by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the appropriations allotted to the Ministry of National Defence amount to LTL 924.6m, including the appropriations for the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, LTL 2.1m, and the appropriations for subsidising municipalities in order to carry out the mobilization function, LTL 1.0m.


The appropriations for the Ministry of National Defence in 2013 amount to 0.78 pct. of GDP (GDP projection of November 2013, as notified by the Ministry of Finance).


The key focus of the Defence Budget 2013 is placed on the enhancement of the national armed capabilities and fulfilment of international security and defence commitments while giving preference to financing the following activities:


• Continuation of the transformation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces taking into consideration the perspectives of its development

• Development and sustentation of the priority capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces (communications, airspace surveillance, regular land maneuver units, territorial land maneuver units, airspace guard, deployable II-level medical)

• Sustention of combat readiness of designated units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces (staff, equipment, combat training)

• Training and sustentation of divisions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces capable of responding rapidly in cases of violation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Lithuania and of completing peacetime assignments (via combat training of regular operational and institutional units and personnel of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and volunteer forces)

• Training of the reserve of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and citizens of Lithuania to conduct homeland defence (via cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, Lithuanian Riflemen’s’ Union, through ensuring education on defence issues, particularly among the youth, and motivating the citizens to acquire basic military knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis)

• Ensurement of the continuation of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission in the long term, enhancement of Host Nation Support (HNS), infrastructure and training conditions.

• Participation in NATO and EU-led operations and missions, in the regions of priority for Lithuania above all (the focus is on the NATO International Security Assistance Forces operation in Afghanistan: the transfer of responsibility for security in the province to local forces, and closure of the PRT mission; participation in other NATO and EU operations too)

• Involvement in multinational exercises (Steadfast Jazz 2013, Sabre Strike 2013, etc.)

• Formation of LITPOLUKRBRIG, joint brigade with Poland and Ukraine, and implementation of Eastern Partnership (EaP) initiatives

• Ensurement of operation of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Lithuania

• Promotion and development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and NATO partnerships


Distribution of National Defence System appropriations (according to the approved budget estimate) across expenditure sectors in 2013 (classification of based on NATO’s Defence Planning Questionnaire): LTL 924,6m


• For military personnel – LTL 488.1m (52.8 ℅)

• For civilian personnel – LTL 77.3m (8.4 ℅)

• For assets maintenance – LTL 173.1 m (18.7 ℅)

• For participation in multinational operations (PMO) – LTL 57.2 m (6.2 ℅)

• For weapons and military equipment – LTL 16.4 m (1.8 ℅)

• For developing infrastructure and for acquisition – LTL 89.3 m (9.6 ℅)

• For military pensions – LTL 22.2 m (2.4 ℅)

• For subsidizing municipalities– LTL 1.0 m (0.1 ℅)


The National Defence System program structure comprises 9 programs. Its major part, LTL 654.1m, is taken up by appropriations for 6 programs: Land Force, Air Force, Navy, military operations, Logistics, Special Operations Forces. The direct aim of the programs is building defence capabilities and ensuring efficient functioning of the National Defence System and implementation of the missions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces both, in the national context and in terms of fulfilling commitments related to NATO and EU memberships.


The second part of the appropriations, LTL 270.5m (29.3 %) is allocated to 3 programs: Personnel Training at the National Defence System, Centralized Services, and Formation of the National Defence Policy and Organisation of its Implementation. Approximately 2.2 % of the appropriations under the latter program are budgeted for effective implementation of the functions of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the representation of the Council in the relations with other European institutions.



Appropriations approved by the State Budget 2013 (LTL 26.436.3m) according to the state functions including the European Union structural assistance (pct. GDP)



Appropriations for the Ministry of National Defence – LTL 924.6m





1.Economy; 2.General state services; 3.Education; 4.Social securities; 5.Public order and security; 6.Healthcare; 7.Defence; 8.Environmental protection; 9.Recreation, culture, religion; 10.Logment and municipal economy.


*Appropriations approved in the State Budget 2013 for the function of National Defence amount to LTL 1107.6m: LTL 821.2m for the Ministry of National Defence, and LTL 286.4m – for other institutions, i.e. State Security Department of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of the Interior, Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior, State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior, and Government Communications Centre under the Ministry of National Defence.



Information by the Finance and Budget Departmenf of the Ministry of National Defence 

Lithuanian troops and U.S. soldiers deployed for taking part in combined exercise in Lithuania are involved in intense training. Photo credit: A.Pliadis
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